V-Tight Gel Review

V-Tight Gel – What is it?

V-tight gel is among the many different health related items made by HealthBuy. They have been making these type of products for over 15 years so they have had plenty of time to perfect it. It is made from all-natural ingredients so it is 100% safe and healthy and has been proven time and time again to help vaginal looseness and dryness.

How does it work?

V-Tight gel is a topical ointment that renews what you have lost to put it simply.  It provides the nutrients your vagina needs to help reconstruct and re-lube the interior walls. It also has even helped with some individuals who are the opposite and suffer from vaginismus (shrinking of the vagina) by increasing flexibility when sexual intercourse begins.

The gel also comes with some exercise instructions that you can do to help you see results faster, but is NOT required for the gel to work of course. The exercises are just an extra benefit for those who want positive results the fastest way possible.

What are the Ingredients?

There are absolutely zero artificial compounds in V-tight. It is manufactured from natural components consisting of plant v tight gelderivatives or naturally-occurring elements. Due to it being purely 100% natural, it can safely be applied to the vaginal area inside and out without any fears of side effects.

The major active ingredients utilized in V-Tight Gel are: witch hazel leaf extract, manjakani extract, and these other ingredients bellow :


-Salt PCA
-Sodium Benzoale
-Citric acid

Manjakani, the most important ingredient, is and always has been used in eastern Europe as an all natural treatment for tightening and strengthening vaginal walls in women for centuries.

The tree produces a thing called galls with ingredients called tannin, gallic, and ellagic acid. These have shrinking qualities and are used in Malaysia by mothers after giving birth to bring back the flexibility of the uterine wall.

Manjakani is also popular in mouth treatments! It is taken orally to treat toothaches and gingivitis so again you know this stuff is safe!

Witch Hazel is popularly known for use on sores and inflammations. You may have heard of witch hazel hydrosol before because it is a popular skin care product. It also, of course, has been used for the vagina to reduce swelling and help heal the possible damage done from having a child.

Any Other Benefits?

These are all the benefits we have came to know about V-Tight Gel:

  • Tightens not just temporarily, but permanently in most women over time.
  • Helps lubrication issues not just by the gel itself but helps heal the problem of vaginal dryness
  • Restores flexibility
  • Helps reconstruct your vaginal walls to bring back the fullness
  • Makes you feel better and renewed
  • Clean and keeps bad germs at bay
  • Enhances blood flow to the vaginal area.  This means you feel more and have better orgasms.-Increases Libido (sex drive).  You are going to want to do “It” more.

Side Effects

V-tight Gel is made up of all-natural ingredients so there are no known side effects as mentioned before.

Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above then you should have nothing to worry about. Though if you want to be extra precautious, you can apply some of the gel onto your skin anywhere on your body to make sure you do not have any type of reaction.

List of Pros and Consv-tight gel


Quick— Just what it says.  It is fast acting in most women.  This of course does no apply in some cases, but does not mean it will not work with a little patience.
No Worries— V-Tight gel is full-safe all-natural with no crazy man-made ingredients.
Ease of Use— The gel is applied simply by hand. Doesn’t require anything else.
Easy and Secure Purchase— Gel can be safely purchased through the main manufacturer website from the comfort of your home and will arrive in 3-5 business days.
Cost— When comparing other gels and creams that are only temporary this product matches the price the same with a permanent effect. Also, if you purchase more than one you start getting FREE tubes.  See pricing below.


Reliability— There are minimal reports that it didn’t work for some. Again, this is covered a little more in our conclusive result section below.   This is usually related to time. Some give up on the gel before the magic happens.
Allergic— Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients by applying on your body first. Some have claimed to be.
Price— $39 may be a little expensive for some, but as many gels as there are and that we have researched, this is an awesome price for what you get that you do not get with others that are comparable in price.

How to Use It

We know this is pretty much should be a no brainer, but we want to make sure we cover everything. This is how it is applied:

1. Wash your hands!  Don’t forget or brush this step off.  Do not put your dirty hands on and in yourself and be punished with a yeast infection later!
2. Squeeze some gel onto your fingertip. Just enough to almost cover it.
3. Insert the finger into your vagina being careful not to waste it all on the outside.
4. Once inserted, massage the gel into the walls of your vagina all around. Rub it into the walls just like if you were applying lotion to your skin.
5. Do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed.

Price and Discounts?

There are 3 pricing options:

1. $39.95 for 1 month supply
2. $79.95 for a 3 month supply. (Buy 2 and get 1 free. The most popular to give time for results)
3. $119.95 for a 6 month supply. (Buy 3 and get 3 free. Definitely the best value)

Discounts are not available.

Where to Purchase?

V-tight is only sold through the main manufacturer Healthbuy website (link is to official buying page). Yes, we have saw it for sell on Amazon, but they are usually the same price or more and sold by who knows who.

Our Conclusive Thoughts

V-tight gel has been used all over the world by now by women everywhere and our research accompanied with testimonials are almost all positive. Of course, it may not work for EVERYONE, but just by what we have read and come to understand about the product here at Vtightening (we do not make the product, we are here to deliver the most up-to-date information to help you) it has proven to work for at least 85%. Who knows if the other 15% actually was patient enough to use the product as long as intended or just had a bad experience and wanted a refund, but believe us when we say…“this stuff has some strong proof and is legit!”

Women have claimed to see results in just 3 days and others have claimed it has taken a month or more. This all varies of course with everyone being different and whether or not exercise was used with the product. In summary if you are looking for a low cost dependable solution to vaginal looseness, dryness, and overall vaginal health in general, then V-tight gel seems to be the no hassle way to go right now.