How To Make Your Vagina Tighter

So, is it real? Is it possible? Is it just another joke that people usually embarrassingly laugh about? The question is how to make your vagina tighter? The answer….you are about to learn.

Shame on all you Tightening Skepticsvaginal tightening skepticism

First, lets get all the skepticism out of the way. All of you who think or heard it is not possible to make your vagina tighter or heard that it is not possible to become loose are completely misunderstood, guided, or plain out wrong. Vaginal tightening techniques have been practiced for centuries due to women getting older or having traumatic birthing experiences. Don’t believe it? Do some research on manjakani or oak gall and you will quickly find out that these key ingredients were used in tribes. These are all natural and come from a tree. Now, there are no doubt many gels, creams, methods etc. that are pure crap and sadly these type of ideas and items have given vaginal tightening a bad reputation like many videos and articles that we have read and seen that straight out make fun of the topic and say it is a myth just like male enhancement.

So, to set the bar straight…making your vagina tighter is REAL and VERY MUCH POSSIBLE. Male enhancement we will not argue because natural male enhancement IS a lie and NOT POSSIBLE right now. But, just because one is not possible does not mean the other isn’t and sometimes this seems to be the misconception.

Now that all that is out of the way, we hope you believe you can make your vagina tighter. If you still don’t believe then oh well, you can stop reading and keep on living with the worry that you may be loose and the lie that you will just have to deal with it the rest of your life. Who wants to live like that!? If you do, then bye. If you don’t, then get ready to learn the only methods that truly will help get your vagina back in shape, tight, normal, or whatever you want to call it….how bout BETTER!

The following are the known methods (in no particular order) on how to make your vagina tighter:

Orgasmshow to make your vagina tighter naturally

Yup! To put it simple the more you can let yourself go, release, get off, whatever….the more you can tone the vaginal wall and work out those muscles.The next myth you may have thought about already is that you thought the more sex you had the more loose you would become. WRONG! Actually, the more sex you have ,the more orgasms you have and when you have an orgasm, your vaginal muscles contract and the more they contract(like working them out) the stronger they become so that you can squeeze him inside you at will.

Do you have to have sex to get tighter? NOPE! You can work out those vaginal muscles by having an orgasm PERIOD. So, yes if you masturbate, you can also help tighten the vaginal muscles this way because they are still contracting inside when you reach climax/orgasm. This may be the best news and way to make your vagina tighter because this is the only way you can do it while getting enjoyment!


Since we are already touched on the topic of contracting and working out the vaginal muscles we might as well introduce the kegel exercise method next. A kegel exercise is simply manually contracting that same muscle that contracts when you have orgasm. Instead of it automatically happening like it does when achieving orgasm, it is done by you manually contracting the muscle and holding it for a few seconds then releasing it.  You keep practicing this method until the muscle becomes tired and can no longer perform.  Then the next day, you do the same and repeat the process, but this time you would contract and hold the muscle for an extra second or two and then release and again do this until muscle failure. The awesome thing about kegels is they can be done anywhere! You can do these while sitting at your desk at work, on the couch, while standing, or heck while even talking to someone and they would never know!

When you first try doing these you may think, feel, or doubt that it is working because it can feel somewhat ridiculous. Again, trust us here and if you don’t……research it and you will see that we are not lying! Kegels have been used for over 50 years and they are called that because the guy that came up with the idea has the last name Kegel (yeah go figure). You can also practice a kegel while having sex. Just manually squeeze him while “doing it” and we will about guarantee he will not complain!

Tightening Gels

The no effort at all fix. If you are lazy, do not have much sex, do not masturbate, and do not like to exercise then this is your “make your vagina tighter” answer! Unless, you have and want to spend a lot of money (we will get to that method next). Vaginal tightening gels/creams are the new technological medicine way (if that makes sense) to help to make your vagina tighter. We say new and technological because the same ingredients used in most of these gels are the same ingredients the tribes would get from the plants and trees centuries ago like mentioned in the first paragraph. Now they have tested, revamped, and remade some of the best gels that you can fathom.

V-Tight-GelYes, some gels do not work and this has hurt the whole vaginal tightening idea, but some do and do it well! In the last decade they have discovered ingredients and ways to tighten the vagina permanently if the gel is used daily. Most gels will work to tighten temporarily and are used to put on right before sex, but now the game has changed and some can do both temporarily and permanent (check out our v-tight gel review page). Vaginal tightening gels are also popular because they can help other issues such as vaginal atrophy/dryness, vaginal smell, overall vaginal health etc. So, if you are looking for a no effort fix or you may just want to use this in conjunction with kegels or to lube up the sex life more, then that is fine and this is recommended!

Vaginal Surgery

This is a quick fix, but can be a costly one literally and figuratively. Vaginoplasty (vaginal surgery) has been catching the plastic surgeons by storm in the past 5 years. It seems to be the new “thing” so to speak. The problem is money, no long term research, and risks. The good thing is has proven to work in many women and in others not so much. Before we go in detail on this method, we do not recommend this method unless you have tried everything else and have also talked to a well experienced cosmetic surgeon about it.

First, if you don’t have money then forget about it. These surgeries cost usually a minimum of $4000. The good news is once it is done it is done. Secondly, once it is done it is done can be a bad thing and this is one of the risks…..loss of feeling. Some women have reported that their vagina was no doubt made to be tighter, but they lost sensation or feeling because of it and they said their sexual enjoyment is now worse. Then lastly, a lot of doctors disagree with doing this procedure due to there not being any long-term research on the method. That is a bit scary to us, but it is your body and you of course do what you want to do.

In Summary

These are all 100% true, legit ways on how to make your vagina tighter and we really do not prefer any of the methods over the other besides the surgery method should probably be considered as a last resort. When women ask us what we DO prefer (because some women just want an honest opinion and be told what to do and this is understandable), we suggest practicing all 3 methods at the same time that was mentioned before vaginal surgery. To summarize how to do that:

Have sex more often with your partner or masturbate more if you don’t. Then, when you are sitting around doing nothing, always try to remember to do kegels. Then buy a good vaginal gel that is proven to work and apply it daily. If you do these 3 methods together, then you will have the most awesome vagina that is ever known. That sounded cheesy, but seriously there would be no more doubts about your vagina and you may be so proud of it that you would share the info with your friends and that is why we at Vtightening are here and want you to do. To spread the word and make it a topic that is not embarrassing to discuss.