Getting Your Loose Vagina Back To Normal

don't knowIssues or concerns about having a loose vagina are quite common since sex and well-being is a huge part of our lives. Women, of course, are far more concerned compared to men and can sometimes blow the whole idea out of proportion when there really is no problem at all. The good news is if you really believe you have this problem then yes, women can have more sensation and enjoyment with a tightened up vagina, whereas a loose vagina leads to postponed orgasms since the feeling of lowered friction between the penis and vagina.

Because so many women are different and size and shape vary, it is hard to estimate whether your vagina is loose or normal. If your sexual partner doesn’t have any complaints and you feel like everything is normal down there, there probably is no point in worrying about it, but then again he may be a really nice guy and would never bring up such a subject with the fear of being slapped! Anyway, no matter the situation because you may just want to please him more or feel better about yourself, the following signs will help you out if you have any loose vagina issues:


1. You only get better sensation by inserting bigger objects into it.
2. You find it challenging to grip your vagina with your forefinger.
3. Your vagina is unable to close completely even when you are not in a state of arousal.
4. You can place more than 3 fingers in there without even being aroused first.
5. Orgasm is harder to attain than previously.
6. You find it more difficult to please your partner because you can just tell by his actions.

Issues with a loose vagina

A loose vagina is understood to bring about conditions such as lower sensitivity, decreasedexercise sexual enjoyment as well as incontinence. An additional condition connected with vaginal looseness is that of female urinary incontinence. A stretched vagina adds to urinary incontinence because the loose nerves and muscles of the vagina are incapable to hold urine or regulate its release. Picture a rubber band that has been wrapped around a rolled up poster board for a long, long time.  You put it up for storage and pull it out many years later and notice the rubber band has deteriorated and became looser. This analogy can be described a lot like your vagina because the key word is elasticity. The good news is rubber bands are not fixable, but your vagina muscle elasticity IS because muscles can be worked out and also nourished.

Other Vaginal Problems

Various other problems that can make sex unpleasant or uncomfortable are vaginal infections and bad smell. A healthy vagina has minimal to no odor. It is a symptom when it’s delicate balance has actually been upset and has actually triggered a condition known as bacterial vaginosis if it takes on a fishy odor. Vaginal infections are many. These infections can make sex awkward and uncomfortable resulting in many other psycho-sexual troubles. Again keeping your vagina healthy is the key and all these things can be fixed and/or maintained by doing some rather simple things in most cases.

How Do We Cure The Problem?

– Vaginal tightening surgical treatment for a tight vagina
Also referred to as vaginoplasty. These surgeries for tightening your vagina are quite complicated and can trigger infections or embolism. Also if you and your partner ever do decide to have another baby and you give birth again, another disadvantage of vaginal tightening surgical treatment is that your vagina will lose its newly-acquired tightness. It is a short-term and pricey alternative for making a loose vagina smaller because many women have claimed to lose their tightness over time because they didn’t keep doing the proper exercises (more on this below in kegel section). If you have not experienced any success with other vaginal tightening treatments, you may want to opt for vaginal surgery but do not make it your priority without trying other methods.

fixing the problem– Vaginal tightening creams
Creams are very popular nowadays due to new ingredients. In the past they were only used for lubrication and temporary tightening solutions. Yet, it has actually been declared that regular use of some of the newer vaginal tightening up creams can permanently tighten your vagina when used for an extended period of time. Most see permanent results within a month to 3 months.

– V-tight Vaginal Tightening Cream
If interested, V-tight is a new product that is catching the web by storm recently.  It has all natural ingredients and the best news is it is not temporary.  It has proven to permanently reduce vaginal stretching in many women. Creams that even temporarily increase tightness are usually expensive, but this cream is around the same price for a permanent effect. Our full review of V-tight is here.

– Benefits of Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises can be used 3-4 times every week in order to heighten vaginal sensitivity as well as the sensations and intensity of your sexual orgasm. Kegel exercises tighten loose vaginal muscles more efficiently than regular exercises due to the fact that it is a method that enables you to feel and press your muscles with precision in the right area. Kegel weights are also a very popular method in curing a stretched vagina if you are looking for a tool to use. If you are looking for more detailed info or a exercise guide that will tell you exactly what to do and works, you would be surprised what a simple search engine search can do with all the free information that is available to perform these exercises. It is a popular method.


While most items or strategies for tightening up the vagina work effectively to a greater or lower level, exercise is a natural way if you can find the time and trying a cream such as V-tight might surprise your expectations if you want to take a less-work approach in fixing vaginal stretching issues. If you really want to work on getting it tight in the fastest amount of time possible, put these two together and you will probably be blown away!