Does Vaginal Tightening Cream Work?

vaginal tightening cream work?What is the best vaginal tightening cream? Does it even work? Can I tighten my vagina? These are questions that most women want to know and hopefully why you are here.

There are lots of variables involved in these questions. Let us start by describing why the problem begins and then you can get a better understanding of the cream/gel answer.

Many women have problems with looseness in the vagina. The main reason this happens is because of age and/or going through childbirth, but can also happen due to other rare reasons like how the woman is simply made-up when she was born (we know all bodies are different).

For many women, having a child is the best thing that, they would say, ever happened to them and would not trade it for anything.

Yet, sadly, a strenuous birth experience can cause looseness in the vagina and problems later on both emotionally and physically. The keywords in that last sentence is “strenuous” and “can”. This does not mean that just because you have a child vaginally that you will experience vaginal looseness.

Honestly, most women do not. Having children vaginally is usually just fine and, of course, normal and unless you had a terrible experience (the doc said you had some tears etc.) then this is more than likely not the cause of your problem.

So, don’t automatically think “I had my children vaginally so I must be loose down there”. Nope, it doesn’t work that way and vaginal tightening cream will probably not help you. Though, if you are getting up in age or if you have had a bad birthing experience, some types of gels may work miracles!

Most women start noticing that their vagina has changed, whether it is actually loose or just less feeling, but the initial shape and feeling just seems different after giving birth or maybe with age. Having a loose vagina may also lead to loss of libido(sex drive) too given that intercourse does not appear to be as enjoyable for you or your partner.

You may also be thinking or worried about your partner not getting satisfied in bed and he may start trying to find various other options to please himself sexually (lets not even go there right!).

Instead of going there and catching yourself worrying all over again, you should be thinking “I hope this site helps me” and we hope we can gain your trust and do just that by first saying vaginal tightening creams do work for most women given the circumstances mentioned above. You just have to get the right kind. Don’t worry. We will show you!

Most women choose to try vaginal tightening gels for it being the easiest method compared to other fixes that we will also discuss. Yet, everything you may have read or heard about up to this point can be confusing and skeptical, because there is so much info on the internet leaning both ways.

Remember, all women are different so saying a cream does not work on one woman does not mean it does not work on another. The good news is that most creams come with some sort of money back guarantee or trial.

Therefore, if the product is not tightening your vagina like you expected then you can try other gels or some of the other methods mentioned below that have been popular and worked for many.

So the question is “does vaginal tightening cream work?” and we will, of course, first fill you in on the other methods that work as well in case you want to try them first. Without further ado, here are the proven ways to tighten the vagina again.

Vagina Rejuvenation/Surgery

One possible way to bring back vaginal tightness is by going through a medical treatment that is called vaginoplasty. Though, some have reported this method to be successful, there are others who have claimed it can also make things worse and lose even more feeling.

Loss of feeling is the one MAIN thing we are trying to avoid right?! Also, sadly, it normally is not permanent because the vaginal walls/muscles get loose again over time without proper exercise. The reason is because the doctors operate on the muscles specifically and we all know that muscles need to be worked or they get smaller and in this scenario smaller means looser.

This procedure is of course costly as you can imagine, but can be very successful if you choose or get the right doctor that has a proven track record, that you feel VERY comfortable with because this is your vagina we are talking about here, and of course is very upfront with you about the procedure.

This procedure should probably be taken into consideration as a last resort or if you have money to spend and want a quick fix to your vaginal tightening problem.

We are not saying it does not work, but for the money you will have to invest and the uncertainty involved, it gets our least recommendation. The other methods below should be performed and tested first.

Kegel Exercises

A great deal of physicians recommend vaginal tightening cream and pelvic workouts together to assist with bringing back a tighter vagina.tightening

These workouts are rather efficient and are called Kegels. Kegels are known to be successful, but again not certain depending on the person.

Though, again nothing is ever really certain when we talk about muscles and this is sadly one of those types of issues that you just have to see what works for you.

After we have done much research, reading reviews, talking with people, etc. about kegels, the 1 thing that shined the most was:

1. Kegel Exercise Weights or kegel balls. These have claimed to help a lot of women, but you can’t use these if you have an iud. (these are just enhancements to use while doing regular kegels to see faster results. Think of it as the same as adding weight to a bar in a gym.)

2. DO THEM! There is tons of free information on how to simply do kegels. We say simply because that is what it is! Simple! The problem is motivation or lack of confidence in that it is working. Believe us, they do work if you are willing to put in the time.

If you do not want the risk of surgery or can’t find the time to exercise, a popular method is a vaginal tightening cream which is probably why you are here! Most of these creams, the good ones anyway, are made with all-natural active ingredients. For the technical people, a few of such components consist of mirofrim, manjakani, oak gall from trees, witch hazel, and aloe vera.

What are the advantages of Vaginal Tightening Gels?

Most beneficial advantages consist of:.

  • Vaginal tightening – usually instantaneous/within minutes in all types
  • Increased Sex Drive (Libido) – increases the blood blow to your body and vagina
  • Better Climaxes/Orgasms – Women have said they can reach orgasm better due to feeling more
  • Stimulation is achieved quicker -in simple terms, you get horny/excited quicker
  • Enhanced Lubrication and relief from vaginal dryness issues – which can also be the root of the vaginal tightening problem, more on that here
  • Permanent vagina tightening when used over a longer time (in bold because WOW, YEAH!) – 3-6 months on some vaginal tightening gels as mentioned below

Considering that such gels are created with natural active ingredients, they do not have adverse effects so no worries on something bad or some sort of side effect occurring.

Usually sooner than most women would think, these gels can surprisingly turn around your sex life and make sex something you actually look forward to and desire to have again.

Then, there is even another advantage that some women have reported which is particular types of vaginal tightening cream have helped them overcome various other issues like vaginal yeast infection, vaginal dryness/atrophy, and bad smells down there.

Which Vaginal Tightening Cream Works Best?

Uncertain about tighteningOur research and recommendation right now is a popular product called V-tight gel. Supposedly, it has been getting better reviews and results than even the 18 again cream, pk24, manjakani gel, or the old faithful china shrink cream (our detailed V-tight review is here).

There isn’t really a best vaginal tightening cream because different ones serve and help differently, but the big thing now is the studies on tightening permanently over time and V-tight gel research, reviews, and testimonials have claimed that it truly does just that with many individuals.

If you are looking for a quick fix, like vagina tightening pills, then keep waiting on a miracle drug because these just do not work. They are like sugar pills.  Almost all the positive reviews on them are mental related or have been taken in conjunction with vaginal tightening creams or exercising.

Vaginal tightening creams are getting to be more popular because they are the only quicker, affordable, no effort fix right now so you can imagine there are going to be many types to choose from.

Sadly, most of the newer ones are more expensive than you would probably first predict because of the recent advances in permanent tightening technology, but what kind of price can be put on the possibility of fixing the problem for good, feeling better about yourself, and of course having great, satisfying, want more, kind of sex right?!

Our Recommendation

When it is all said and done, if you really want to get tightened up as fast as possible we recommend exercising in conjunction with the vaginal tightening gel mentioned above. That is the fastest way knowingly possible right now to do it naturally.

For the reason being, you get those vaginal wall muscles toned up so that you can squeeze them better by exercising, then by using vaginal tightening cream you give your vagina all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and return to it’s initial form.

We hope this article shined some light on vaginal tightening cream and other things you can do. These are truly the only 3 methods that have proven to work. Take it from us, we research this stuff so you don’t have to! We know having a vagina tightening problem is no fun and this is why we are here to help!

If you are still skeptical and still need assurance then you may want to check out our newest, no BS, post on how to make your vagina tighter right here.